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Rukinder Kumar Unveils Stunning Edits at Bangalore Times Fashion Week


In a dazzling display of effortless style, Rukinder Kumar took center stage at Bangalore Times Fashion Week 2024, captivating audiences with her exquisite cocktail party outfits and a new celebratory line inspired by champagne hues. Held on a vibrant Sunday, the event showcased Rukinder Kumar’s impeccable blend of modernity and tradition, solidifying her status and ingenuity as a designer in Bangalore with a refreshing vision for party wear dresses.

The atmosphere at the Bangalore Times Fashion Week 2024 was electric as fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, and celebrities gathered to witness the latest creations from  Rukinder Kumar among several others. The brand, known for its luxury without excess, did not disappoint. Each piece displayed was a testament to Rukinder Kumar’s commitment to visual distinction and craftsmanship, from the finest materials to the intricate hand-done embroidery.

The runway came alive with Rukinder Kumar’s Cocktail Party Edit, a signature collection that seamlessly marries classic grace with contemporary flair. The pieces, perfect for black-tie events and dresses for wedding receptions, sparkled under the runway lights, each telling a unique story of elegance and charm.

“Every piece in the Cocktail Party Edit is crafted to make the wearer feel like the star of the evening,” said Kumar. “We want our clients to embrace the journey of pairing and accessorizing, making each outfit a personal statement of style.”

Showcasing: Glisten – A Wedding and Trousseau Edit

Along with the Cocktail Party Edit, the audience was treated to a visual feast with Rukinder Kumar’s new collection, inspired by the celebratory hues of champagne. Her latest collection, characterized by dreamy rose champagne tones, embodies the spirit of celebration and is designed for wedding events and trousseau. Glisten is a Wedding Collection that showcases dresses perfect for wedding parties and special occasions.

“The color of champagne is universally loved and symbolizes joy and celebration. We’ve captured that essence in our collection,” explained Rukinder Kumar. “We aim to bring a touch of luxury and modern elegance to every festive occasion, making our clients feel special and radiant.”

What sets Rukinder Kumar apart is her ability to honor Indian heritage while seamlessly incorporating global influences. Each creation is more than just fabric; it’s an expression of silent luxury and modern-day craftsmanship. The designer dresses for women exude grace and confidence, offering refined elegance perfect for any occasion.

“My designs stand at the intersection of modernity and tradition. I believe in creating pieces that are not only luxurious but also timeless,” Rukinder Kumar noted. “Comfort and quality are at the heart of our creations, ensuring that every piece provides a truly luxurious experience.”

Rukinder Kumar celebrates the richness of tradition with a global appeal. Her collections are designed to enhance poise and offer elegance, whether for a festive celebration or a chic evening event. The label’s commitment to using pure fabrics and meticulous craftsmanship ensures that each piece is a masterpiece, rooted in tradition yet perfect for the modern Indian woman looking for the perfect dress for a wedding party.

As the event concluded, it was clear that Rukinder Kumar has set the bar high for modern Indian fashion. With her latest collections, Kumar continues to inspire and empower women, one stunning creation at a time.

Women Entrepreneurs Leading the Way



Rukinder Kumar | Fawn24 Design Studio, located on Castle Street, Ashok Nagar, Bangalore, is a dream brought to life by Rukinder Kumar and Komal Arora. With Rukinder as the creative visionary and Komal as the strategic mastermind, this duo blends artistry with savvy business sense. Komal is one of the leading women entrepreneurs in the Wealth Management sector and is diversifying her portfolio by investing and nurturing the studio’s growth. Spearheading marketing efforts has been pivotal. Their studio stands as a beacon of their passion for design and a commitment to making it accessible to everyone. Together, they’ve birthed the Rukinder Kumar and Fawn24 labels, offering unique, luxurious collections that captivate the modern style aficionado.

Make in India: Promoting Premium Fashion

Rukinder Kumar is proud to support the Make in India initiative by showcasing the best of Indian craftsmanship in luxury fashion. The brand’s premium collections, including festival wear, evening gowns, designer sarees, wedding lehengas and designer dresses, are all crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each piece is a work of art.

Explore Rukinder Kumar’s explorations of style at


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