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Emerging Bharat Welfare Foundation’s Directors Mahendra Turakhia ji & Bobby Siddhu ji Shine at Sports Personality Awards 2024


On Tuesday, May 21, 2024, Mumbai witnessed a grand celebration of sportsmanship and excellence at the Sports Personality Awards 2024, organized by the Emerging Bharat Welfare Foundation. Held at Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra, the event honored national and international champions in kickboxing from Jammu & Kashmir, showcasing the incredible talents of athletes such as Tajjamul Islam and other distinguished sports personalities.


The event was graced by several eminent personalities, making it a memorable occasion. The chief guest, Dr. Bharathi Lavekar ji, MLA of Versova, was joined by Akriti Prasad ji and other notable figures including Mr. Mahendra Turakhia ji and Mrs. Priya Turakhia ji, the parents of renowned entrepreneurs Mr. Bhavin Turakhia ji and Mr. Divyank Turakhia ji. Mr. Kiran Yejjaji ji, the designer of jackets for the Honorable Prime Minister (B.Y. Tailors, Park Stadium Solapur), and Mr. Imran ji of Dr. Naturals Pvt. Ltd., also lent their support to the event.


The presence of Mr. Bechar Patel ji of Options Group, Mr. Gurpal Singhji ji (CEO of Mumbai Premier League), Mr. Vinod Ambaniji ji (President of Reliance Industries Ltd), and Mr. Sharad Shahji ji (Chairman of Paras Defence & Space Technologies Ltd) further elevated the prestige of the awards ceremony. Legal luminaries such as Adv Ameet Mehta ji (Managing Partner of Solicis Lex) and Adv Aditya Bhatt ji were also in attendance, alongside Mrs. Ulka Nair ji of Ulka Foundations and Mr. Rajesh Sharmaji ji of D. Sharma Restaurant.


The event not only celebrated the achievements of athletes but also provided them with new opportunities for their future endeavors. The guests included influential figures from various sectors who pledged their support to the athletes. Mr. Nailesh Chheda ji, developer of Chheda Nagar, Dr. Prakash Pai ji (Mentor), Mr. Rajan Deshpande ji of Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Bandra East, and other distinguished guests, including Shaik Kareemulla (Kareemstudio) and Karan Kullur, all supported the event.


Bollywood music director and singer Vipin Patwa ji, along with Indian playback singer Brijesh Shandilya ji. The event also featured appearances by Indian actress and model Leena Jumani ji, and celebrity Heer Kaur ji, adding a touch of glamour to the evening. Additionally, Atrish Trivedi ji from The Bollywood Hub also graced the event, contributing to its artistic flair.


The Sports Personality Awards 2024 were not just about honoring the athletes; they were about recognizing the hard work, dedication, and spirit of sportsmanship that these athletes embody. Tajjamul Islam ji, a two-time world champion in kickboxing, along with other sports champions from Jammu & Kashmir, were celebrated for their remarkable achievements. These athletes have not only excelled in their respective fields but have also served as inspirations to countless others.


The event highlighted the importance of supporting young talent and providing them with the necessary resources and opportunities to succeed. With the backing of influential individuals and organizations, the athletes now have a platform to further their careers and continue to bring pride to their regions and the nation.


The success of the Sports Personality Awards 2024 is a testament to the vision and dedication of the directors of the Emerging Bharat Welfare Foundation, Mr. Mahendra Turakhia ji and Mr. Bobby Siddhu ji. Their efforts in organizing this event have not only honored the achievements of the athletes but have also paved the way for future initiatives that will continue to support and encourage sports talent across the country.


With the support of mentors like Dr. Prakash Pai ji and the guidance of experienced professionals, the foundation is poised to make a significant impact in the realm of sports development. The awards ceremony has set a precedent for future events, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and nurturing talent.


The Sports Personality Awards 2024 was more than just an awards ceremony; it was a celebration of excellence, perseverance, and the unyielding spirit of athletes. The event has opened doors to numerous opportunities for the athletes, ensuring that they receive the recognition and support they deserve. As the Emerging Bharat Welfare Foundation continues its journey, it remains committed to its mission of fostering and promoting sports talent, ensuring a brighter future for the champions of tomorrow.


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