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K’LA Q Methven gears up for her unfiltered talk show ‘After Dark’ in India amid $3 Billion family lawsuit     


In an unprecedented move, the bold and unapologetic K’LA Q Methven is about to revolutionize Indian entertainment space with her upcoming talk show ‘After Dark.’ Known for her fearless approach and unfiltered discussions, K’LA promises a show that will delve into everything under the sun, engaging celebrities in conversations never before seen in India.  


K’LA’s entrance into the Indian media landscape comes amid a storm of personal controversy. As the first one of her kind international talk show host in India, K’LA is also involved in a staggering $3 billion lawsuit against her own family. The KFC heiress has publicly accused her trustees of lifelong abuse, attributing the trauma to various illnesses and even deaths within her family. Despite not yet inheriting her vast fortune, K’LA has pledged to donate 20% of her wealth to aid India, focusing on critical issues facing the country.  


Talking about ‘After Dark,’ the unfiltered and unapologetic show is set to be a blend of hard-hitting interviews and entertainment. It will feature segments with celebrities discussing taboo topics, including K’LA’s own harrowing experiences of sexual harassment by her family. Her transparency and willingness to confront such issues head-on are expected to resonate deeply with audiences.  


In addition to that, K’LA is also working on a new movie, ‘Candyland,’ set for a Spring 2026 release, alongside her co-producer Siddhant Vig. The duo’s collaboration has already generated significant buzz, promising a cinematic experience that will captivate viewers.  


K’LA’s commitment to social causes is evident in her actions. The diva has announced that 10% of the profits from ‘After Dark’ will be dedicated to building schools and hospitals in underserved areas. However, the show’s production has not been without its challenges. Recently, K’LA suffered a breakdown when the budget for ‘After Dark’ was unexpectedly doubled from $40 million to $80 million, adding more pressure to an already intense project.  


Meanwhile, the show’s allure is amplified by the recent move of Jenith Israel, a prominent socialite, into K’LA’s Malibu mansion. Israel will play a significant role in ‘K’LA After Dark,’ adding another layer of intrigue and glamor to the show.  


As K’LA Q Methven prepares to take Indian television by storm, one thing is clear: ‘K’LA After Dark’ will be anything but ordinary. It promises to push boundaries, provoke thought, and inspire change, making it a must-watch for audiences craving bold and meaningful content.


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