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Manngiri: A story of a wanderer to a business owner


Let’s meet Grishma, a woman entrepreneur, and traverse her journey from a wanderer to a business owner. Craft meets fashion at Grishma Anand’s lockdown baby, Manngiri. For the world, Manngiri is yet another label they can shop from, and relate to but let’s get deep into what the founder must put forth. 


“Being a traveler, I have always had this love for connecting with people everywhere I go, which is now an integral part of my growth. In the summer of 21, I was on a trip to Jaipur and found myself extremely inspired by the craftsmen, and their work and decided to create my collection of clothing, co-existing for others that breathe easy.  


I’m the founder of the brand second and a consumer first. I put this approach forward in the making of Manngiri. I created the brand using my experiences as a consumer, the issues that I faced growing up and the lockdown just made my mind clearer. The name is an obvious giveaway but the brand’s clothing speaks my soul, our pieces are happy and have this underlying story attached to them. 


Another building block for the line is to stay true to Manngiri’s inclusivity-first design language. For me, the most important attribute is to make my people feel appreciated, welcomed, and most of all, included.  


Our mindset celebrates the wearer’s individualistic approach to style, we design and create comfy-chic clothing for individuals beyond societal constructs like age, skin, or body type. I wanted to create a wearable canvas that adds color to the closet and is easygoing in its shapes but statement enough to wear as a daily staple. The bonus? Moms can get matching sets for their minis too as the brand plans to expand the inventory to kids’ fashion soon.” So, this was Manngiri from the owner’s pov, rooted in the crafts of our motherland, the brand, more than being a home-grown clothing label, is a tribute to timeless art of block printing and Indian craftsmanship.  


A fresh interpretation of enduring classics such as kurtas and jackets, the handcrafted and purposeful pieces perk up everyday go-to’s. The detail-driven designs are perfect for selective dressers. Practical, simple, and understated, their collections transcend seasons, occasions, and dress codes. Each of the brand’s creations promises everyday living with a modern sensibility. Crafted using a personally selected range of raw materials, Manngiri gives traditional artisanal techniques of block-printing an update.


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