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Salaar Fan Army Campaign by Athvie


Athvie Global takes the lead in marketing and creative campaign management for Hombale Films, showcasing its expertise in orchestrating compelling and effective promotional strategies.

As the anticipation for “Salaar” continues to build, the Salaar Fan Army campaign’s legacy endures as a testament to the potential of innovative marketing strategies in the film industry. In the ever-evolving landscape of film marketing, the Salaar Fan Army campaign has emerged as a groundbreaking and unparalleled success, captivating audiences across the nation. Led by a young dynamic team, the campaign showcased a harmonious blend of creativity, technology, and star power, setting a new standard for fan engagement which was never done before.

The Salaar Fan Army campaign marks a revolutionary leap in film promotion, blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled creativity.

The campaign’s uniqueness lies in its multifaceted approach, combining website interactivity on , an Instagram AR filter, and an AI-driven video pipeline. This innovative strategy not only set a benchmark for fan engagement but also showcased the potential of technology in reshaping the landscape of film marketing. Athvie Global’s approach was not just about promoting a film but creating an immersive experience that resonated with fans.

Speaking about the technology involved , The Automated AI Video Pipeline revolutionizes content creation, seamlessly curating and refining user-generated content. From filtering inappropriate material to dynamic content integration, it’s pivotal for the Salaar Fan Army campaign, accelerating production and elevating content quality. Built on Vite.js, our tech maximizes development efficiency. React.js and TailwindCSS craft interactive, responsive interfaces. SEO is prioritized with Open-Graph meta tags, and Google Analytics provides valuable insights for data-driven decisions.

The Salaar Fan Army campaign by Athvie Global witnessed an extraordinary response, with over 1.2 million website visitors within 24 hours. The website witnessed a remarkable surge with the first 100 selfie submissions pouring in within a breathtaking 107 seconds. Momentum continued to build rapidly, reaching the first 1000 submissions in just 11 minutes and the first 10,000 in an astonishing 1.5 hours.The innovative blend of technology, including an Instagram AR filter and an AI video pipeline, fueled an overwhelming surge in fan engagement. Registration cards flooded Twitter, reaching an unprecedented 70+ cities within the first hour. The video release on Hombale Films’ official channel amassed over 3.5 lakh views each, while celebrity endorsements from Prabhas and Prithviraj amplified the campaign’s impact, making it a groundbreaking success in the realm of film marketing.

The campaign’s success rippled through media outlets, with publications such as Zeenews, Firstpost, Filmibeat, Telugu Funda, CelTalks , Bharat Times , Newsr , Jio News and Bollywood Hungama highlighting its unique features and the unprecedented fan response. The real pinnacle of success, however, came with the campaign’s reach to social media platforms. Fans flooded Twitter with registration cards, showcasing their commitment, and receiving further validation when stars Prabhas and Prithviraj shared the campaign on their social media stories. This celebrity endorsement not only validated the campaign’s authenticity but also added a layer of star power that resonated with fans. The Salaar Fan Army campaign generated a widespread buzz, inspiring numerous YouTube videos and tutorials created by both enthusiasts and random users, further amplifying its impact across digital platforms.

The Salaar Fan Army campaign stands as a cinema marketing marvel. Beyond the numbers and metrics, it is a celebration of the passionate fanbase that fuels the cinema. Its a triumph for the evolving landscape of film promotion, where fan engagement takes center stage in shaping the narrative of a movie’s journey from the set to the silver screen.

About Athvie

Athvie Global takes the lead in creative and marketing campaign management for Hombale Films, showcasing its expertise in orchestrating compelling and effective promotional strategies. Athvie Global has not only crafted the Salaar Fan Army Campaign but also the innovative Kantara Auditions platform and the Salaar Creative Squad campaign. Additionally, the company demonstrated its creative prowess by ideating, planning, and bringing to life the immersive concept of Hombale Verse. These remarkable endeavors showcase Athvie Global’s multifaceted capabilities in building platforms, orchestrating creative campaigns, and turning visionary concepts into reality.

Athvie Global, a new, dynamic marketing firm, has carved its niche under the directorship of Abinash Vasudeva who is at a youthful age of 20, brought together a team of young experts to propel the company into the forefront of marketing innovation.

At just the age of 20, Abinash Vasudeva has swiftly become a trailblazer in the realms of marketing, founding the groundbreaking marketing firm, Athvie Global . Actively engaged in Social activities, he serves as a karyakarta of Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad with a responsibility of Convenor for Students for Development in Bengaluru. An alumnus of National Hill View Public School and currently pursuing engineering studies at RV College of Engineering , Abinash’s academic journey underscores his well-rounded approach to leadership. Abinash’s ideology epitomizes leadership, innovation, and a commitment to holistic development, making him a formidable force shaping the landscape of both business and societal progress. Demonstrating his visionary outlook, his next venture, Athvie Yoga, in partnership with S-Vyasa University, seeks to revolutionize corporate mindfulness and wellness .

Pradyun P. Rao, the Innovation Lead, is the tech maestro steering the company’s technological endeavors with a strong tech team consisting of Sarthak S. Kumar, the Full Stack Developer; Adithya S. K, the AI/ML Developer; Smaran Jawalkar, the DevOps Manager; Abhishek Honnapure, the Front-End Developer

In the realm of creativity, Sunith Shetty, the Creative Head, and Manoj Kanchi, the Creative Designer, bring artistic flair to the company’s campaigns. Shreya Unchalli, the Content Head, shapes compelling narratives, while Akshay Shenoy, the Ads and SEO Specialist, ensures maximum visibility.

Together, this diverse team at Athvie under the guidance of Mr Chaluve Gowda , Managing Partner at Hombale Films combines technological prowess, creative brilliance, and strategic acumen to redefine the landscape of modern marketing.


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